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2018-08-05 Joshua TaubererMerge pull request #1412 from hlxnd/pr master
2018-08-05 hlxndAdd missing PHP end tag
2018-08-05 hlxndUse ISO 8601 on backups table dates.
2018-07-30 Joshua Taubererv0.28 released, closes #1405
2018-07-25 Pascal GarberUse Nextcloud’s occ command to unlock the admin (#1406)
2018-07-22 Joshua Taubereradd php7.0-curl to
2018-07-19 Joshua Tauberernew ssl cert provisioning broke if a domain doesnt...
2018-07-19 Joshua Taubererupdated CHANGELOG
2018-07-19 Nils Norman... failing z-push installation: replace git clone with...
2018-07-19 dev9Fix .mobileconfig so CalDAV calendar works on Mac OS...
2018-07-15 Nilsmake certbot auto-agree to TOS if NONINTERACTIVE=1...
2018-06-29 Joshua Taubererreplace free_tls_certificates with certbot
2018-06-29 Joshua Taubererssl_certificates: reuse query_dns function in status_ch...
2018-06-29 Joshua Tauberercryptography is now distributed as a wheel and no longe...
2018-06-14 Joshua Taubererv0.27
2018-05-12 Joshua Taubererchangelog entry
8 months ago feature/QuotaImplementation
8 months ago master